• Multi-fit IWB Mag Carrier

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    Multi-fit mag carrier

    - Uses the Tulster MRD (mag retention device) to fit multiple magazines

        - Double stack version fits most double stack 9mm or 40 cal magazines (Glock, S&W, Sig, H&K, Ruger, FN, CZ)

            - Note: the Glock 43X/48 magazine is wider than a standard G43 magazine. Please use the double stack mag carrier for G43X/48 or email us and we can adjust the double stack mag carrier to be G43X/48 specific. If mag carrier is made specific to the G43X/48 it will work with other single stack mags but not with double stacks. 

        - Single stack version fits most single stack 9mm or 40 cal magazines along with 1911 magazines. 

                        (verified fit on G43, Shields, P365, XDS, Hellcat, LC9, LC9S, EC9S, and 1911 mags)

    - Retention is adjusted using a 1/8" hex key (Included)

    - Ambidextrous 

    - Polished edges for looks and comfort

    - Lifetime warranty against cracks or breaks in the Boltaron shell.

    - Made in Ohio with many USA parts.