• IWB Holsters

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    Fixed retention: The fixed retention holster is best suited for someone that wants the ability to leverage a tuck claw for appendix carry. Fixed retention holsters use two riveted eyelets to fasten the holster together which allows a tuck claw to be attached to the holster. Tuck claw uses pressure from your belt to push the grip closer to the body and reduce printing.

    Adjustable retention: The adjustable retention holster is best suited for someone that does not need the ability to attach a tuck claw to their holster for appendix carry. Adjustable retention holsters are fastened together with a binding post, rubber spacer and a screw that allows users to fine tune the retention at the trigger guard.  

    Please note that the slot over the slide in some of the pictures above is being phased out. Please email us if you need the ability to mount a strut style clip to the slide area.

    - Glock models work with generations 1-5. (Note: Not recommended for Gen 5  G27, G23 and G22 pistols as Glock made their slides thicker than previous generations. Please email us if you need the holster to work for a Gen 5 G27, G23 or G22 and we can adjust the holster to work specifically for those models.)

    - Sig P320 holsters work with standard frames and X-series frames.

    - Models notated as "open muzzle" will work with variations of the pistol with longer slides (for example, Glock 19 also works with the longer Glock 17)

    - Vacuum formed on precision CNC molds.

    - Made from .08 Boltaron 4335 with adjustable cant.  We use Boltaron 4335 because it's 20% more impact and scratch resistant than Kydex T. 

    - Red dot ready (Glock models, S&W models, Sig P365 and P320 variants, Hellcat) email us for other availability. 

    - We use the highest quality (made in America) clips. The clips allow you to easily take the holster on/off but remain very secure when paired with a quality gun belt.  Clips can be adjusted from 0 to 15 degree cant and come in sizes to work with 1.5" or 1.75" belts. 

    - Soft loops are also available if a more secure attachment option is needed and work with belts up to 2" (Pull-the-dot milspec snaps).

    - Discreet Carry Concepts metal belt clips are also available if you need the ability to carry with your shirt tucked in (1.5" belts).

    - We ensure all retention is at the trigger guard, which produces a smooth and crisp feel upon holstering or drawing and also minimizes wear. 

    - Ride height is set for full purchase on the grip by someone with average sized hands. If you have some big ass sausage fingers (you know who you are) you can email us and we can try to accommodate you by adjusting the ride height higher for more grip purchase.

    - Every holster is test fit with a real gun to ensure proper fit and finish of the final product. You won't catch us testing holsters with undersized plastic training pistols.

    - Edges are polished to ensure a smooth quality finished product. 

    - Lifetime warranty against cracks or breaks in the shell. 

    - Made in Ohio with many USA parts.