• IWB Fixed Retention (Optional Tuck Claw)

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    - Form, Fit and Function are important when it comes to holsters. We achieve these important attributes by using the best materials and processes. 

    - Vacuum formed on precision CNC molds.

    - Made from .08 Boltaron 4335 with fixed retention and adjustable cant.  We use Boltaron 4335 because it's 20% more impact and scratch resistant than Kydex T. (Note: Fixed retention is necessary to work with tuck claw)

    - Tuck claw uses pressure from your belt to push the grip closer to the body and reduce printing. 

    - We use the highest quality (made in America) clips. The clips allow you to easily take the holster on/off but remain very secure when paired with a quality gun belt.  Clips can be adjusted from 0 to 15 degree cant. (Note - clip works with belts up to 1.75" depending on thickness of belt) 

        - Soft loops are also available if a more secure attachment option is needed and work with belts up to 2" (Pull-the-dot milspec snaps).

    - We ensure all retention is at the trigger guard, which produces a smooth and crisp feel upon holstering or drawing and also minimizes wear. 

    - Ride height is set for full purchase on the grip.

    - Every holster is test fit with a real gun to ensure proper fit and finish of the final product. 

    - Edges are polished to ensure a smooth quality finished product. 

    - Glock models updated to work with Gen5 and M&P models updated for M2.0!!!

    - Sig P320 works with original style frames or X frames.

    - Lifetime warranty against cracks or breaks in the shell. 

    - Made in Ohio with many USA parts.